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Ideas that may/may not be explored, and may/may not be implemented into the lore of Twilight signal.

Idea List

Spider Walkers

Spider walkers as potential robots or vehicles.

Sail FTL System

Potential FTL system? Could use a cosmic "wind" force to go along, dragging spacecraft faster than light, but restricting its usage according to weather, gravity wells, etc.

Americanist Religion

Using American civic religion as a basis for a spiritual religion.

Washington = The Father Lincoln = The Guide Armstrong = The Pioneer


Suits of armor containing skeletons of dead wearers.

Travel around administering aid and protecting towns and villages from danger.

Names of Merit

Titles given upon maturity to reflect acts of merit toward the community. Born out of the bureaucratic job titles of the imperial period.

  • Skytrader
    • Came from the pilots of the aerial cargo companies.
  • Spacefarer
    • Came from the space captains, both military & civilian.
  • Dropwarrior
    • Came from the imperial marine forces.
  • Caretaker (Extremely Rare - Associated with AIs)
    • Came from the AI managers, esp. those who managed the major governing and strategic AIs.
  • Nanoshaper
    • Came from the nanobot engineers who constructed objects during the imperial period.

Ancient Pioneer Clans

  • Anglo-Russian - Vanguard Settlement Corporation
  • Euro-Japanese -
  • Israeli-Arabian - Arkos Corporation
  • Latin American -
  • East African -
  • Sino-Oceanic - United Pacific Corporation
  • Indo-Iranian -

Bicycle Cavalry

Bicycle based cavalry using motor-enhanced bicycles.